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Care and Maintenance of Quartz Worktops 

• Quartz worktops are manmade. They are not porous like natural stone and are much more resilient to marking and staining. 
• Your Quartz worktop should be cleaned regularly. We would advise using mild soapy water, rinsed then dried with a soft clean cloth. 
• Do not leave spillages on your worktops, wipe off using a kitchen towel. This will save you effort later. 
• Never use abrasive cleaning products on your surfaces. Also avoid bleach, acids and alkaline based products. 
• Never use lime scale removers on your worktops it will damage them. 
• Dry your tops after use as this will reduce the risk of lime scale build up. 
• Never cut and chop directly on your worktops, as this will scratch over time. Use a chopping board, it will also save the edges on your knifes. 
• Never subject your worktops to excessive heat, this will by putting hot pans directly onto them use hot rods or a trivet. Exposure to excessive heat can cause ring marks from pans, and thermal shock will in most cases crack the work top. 
• Induction Hobs, please note these are a relatively new development and the way they work is to heat the pan rather than its contents. This means the pans are significantly hotter and even more care is required to ensure they are not put directly on the quartz. 
• Avoid impacts with heavy objects, they will chip edges. Place things carefully in under mount sinks avoiding the stone edges. 
• Avoid point loading or excessive loading of the worktops, they are fit for purpose as a kitchen work top and are supported normally front and back on Carcass of the cupboards. Particular care should be taken to avoid leaning near the cut outs for the hob and sink, do not sit, kneel or stand on them they can break. 
• If you chip your worktops, in most cases a repair can be achieved but depending on the material it likely to be visible. (send a picture and we will provide an estimate of cost). 
• Colour of quartz is uniform but may differ slightly from batch to batch. It is advisable that when ordering your worktops that any later additions you are planning are considered at ordering. 
• Quartz worktops can have small imperfections and each manufacturer has an acceptable size and density for these imperfections. 


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